garmin edge 500 stuck calibrating

Garmin Edge Not Calibrating or Hangs on Calibration Screen

The other day, my wife couldn’t get her Garmin Edge 500 to calibrate with her Power2Max power meter. It just hung on the “calibration” screen with a bunch of dashes. She tried spinning up the crank to wake up the power meter, re-starting the Edge 500, just about everything she could think of. Finally, we […]

sufferfest rubber glove ftp test miguel runner

FTP Test, Bleh!

I’ve owned a PowerTap G3 power meter for well over two months now. You’d think I would have already done my first FTP test, right? Yeah, I’ve been procrastinating. To be 100% honest, I don’t like going all-out. I know, I know, it’s all part of training efficiently. One of our coaching friends, Rachel Zambrano […]

MAF TEST 4 month line chart

MAF Test 4 Month Results

My 4 month MAF test is done! If you just want the facts, here it is: I increased my pace by an average of 11.34% since the last test! I’ve collected all the biking and running metrics with my Garmin 910XT, crunched the numbers (thanks to my super-intelligent wife for the help), and this is […]

RockMyRun app Miguel Runner

How Music Affects Running Pace

The other day while running, I re-visited an app I tested about a year ago. RockMyRun (iOS and Google Play) has a lot of good, high energy mixes specifically made for running. What I like most is the feature to match the music beat to your current pace. As you can see in the screen […]

MAF test 10-01-2015

MAF Test 90 Day Results

I just finished charting and calculating my 3 month test results using the Maffetone Method. Bottom line: I increased my pace by an average of 1.39% I’ve been faithfully recording every workout with my Garmin 910XT, collecting a lot of data. It’s really good to chart my progress and actually see what’s happening (although I know […]

Heart Rate and Pace

MAF Test 60 Day Results

My 60-day MAF test results are in and I’m pretty excited! For those of you that just want the quick facts, here you go: I increased my speed by an average of 3.68% There’s no question in my mind the Maffetone method works (and I have the data to prove it). There’s also no question […]

paleo diet weight loss 8-27-2015

Paleo Diet Weight Loss Day 61

Well, here it is. Two months into my paleo diet journey and I’ve lost about 20 lbs. I say “about” 20 lbs because, prior to starting, I was around 205-206 lbs. The weight was flying off the first 3-4 weeks but not so much now. I was reading why in The Paleo Diet for Athletes […]

Garmin Connect Speed Cadence Power Dropouts

Garmin Edge Power Cadence and Speed Dropouts

I finally found out why I was getting intermittent dropouts while using Zwift. Around 13 minutes into my ride, I snapped a picture using the Zwift mobile (Android) app. A few seconds after, I lost speed, cadence and power metrics. I tested the theory 3 more times on my ride: at 13, 30 and 40 […]

paleo diet weight loss 8-18-2015

Paleo Diet Weight Loss Day 52

It’s been a while since I’ve posted any kind of weight loss progress. That’s because progress these past couple of weeks has been fairly slow. Today is day 52 eating paleo and I’m at 188-189 lbs, down about 18 lbs. Aside from the scale, my clothes are very loose. These jeans are 34 waist, 2 […]