Heart Rate Chest Strap Rubbing and Chafing


There’s absolutely no doubt my Garmin heart rate monitor chest strap is chafing my chest (circled in box A)! Well, it’s not the actual chest strap that’s causing the chafing, it’s the attached transmitter (black snap-on plastic piece in box C) that’s rubbing my chest raw.

Solution: before my run tonight, I grabbed an inexpensive adhesive bandage and stuck it directly on the chafed skin (box B). I did this while my skin was dry because I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t stick on wet skin. Snapped on my chest strap and I was off for a 6-mile run.

I didn’t snap an “after” picture of my run but look at box C and imagine it all wet and sweaty (yeah, pretty nasty). The bandage stayed right there and didn’t move an inch. Of course, the real test is peeling it off, right? It actually came off easy and pain-free. Now it’s just a matter of repeating this process until my chest heals.

On a side note, I also thought about putting a small piece of tape on the injury too. Probably less expensive but I’m imagining it would hurt peeling it off, especially if it’s duct tape.

There you have it! If your chest strap is rubbing you raw, stick a bandage on the chafed skin! Happy running!

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