How Coke Affects Your Body

how coca cola coke affects your body

Wow, just wow! Is it any wonder that obesity is a nationwide epidemic? Six years ago, I was right there, guzzling soft drinks and eating fast food. Oh, I was over 250 lbs too.

This is America, where you’re free to eat and drink whatever you’d like (within the law). You’re also responsible for your actions, whether you break a law or overindulge in food. Too many (including my past self) take the side of entitlement. Yes, you are entitled to a greasy burger, chicken fried chicken, fries, Coke, Sprite, or whatever. But you’re going to have to own your decisions.

If you like to break the law and speed, there’s a good chance you’re going to get a speeding ticket. That’s just the way it is and it’s non-negotiable. If you’re going to live an unhealthy lifestyle, you’ll end up on medication. If you can’t afford medication then it’s a slow, painful downward spiral.

Again, I’m coming from experience here. In 2008 I couldn’t run around the block without feeling like I was going to die. I didn’t want to take responsibility though, food made me happy! It wasn’t until my divorce in 2009 that things really turned around for me. Six years later, I’m an Ironman.

One last self test: show up to work late every day. Just sit around and do nothing. Take a long break. Leave early. After all, you’re not under any contract with your employer and you’re an adult. Do what you want! Same with food: have a bowl full of sugar cereal. Have a candy bar and Coke before lunch. Have a bacon cheeseburger for lunch. Grab some cookies or chips midday. Have a huge plate of spaghetti with garlic bread for dinner. Each case has it’s consequences and you’re going to have to face them one way or another.

Is it time for a change? Ask James Lawrence (aka IRONCOWBOY). He just completed 50.50.50 which is 50 full Ironman distance triathlons (140.6 miles) in 50 states in 50 days to bring awareness to obesity.

If you need help, ask me! Ask someone, anyone!

12 thoughts on “How Coke Affects Your Body

  1. Coke is acidic drink,, if we drink to much maybe we can get Diabetes because it has lots of sugar… drinking soda is good but if it too much then it is bad for our health… think for safety first, drink water after drinking it for protection of course.. just like in motorcycling, wearing motorcycle helmet for protection is a must.. so water is always present..

  2. Do you know what freaked me out? I used to do that “have a bowl of sugar cereal + cookies + coke + cheeseburger + etc etc!”. And I didn’t feel guilty right away! It was until last 2 years that I nearly had a stroke.. that’s why I suddenly decided to completely change my lifestyle! I dumped Coke forever!

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