Paleo Diet Weight Loss Day 52

paleo diet weight loss 8-18-2015

It’s been a while since I’ve posted any kind of weight loss progress. That’s because progress these past couple of weeks has been fairly slow. Today is day 52 eating paleo and I’m at 188-189 lbs, down about 18 lbs.

Aside from the scale, my clothes are very loose. These jeans are 34 waist, 2 months ago they were snug. This is just a reminder that the scale never tells the entire story. Weight loss should always be measured by scale and tape measure.

Happy eating and training!

7 thoughts on “Paleo Diet Weight Loss Day 52

  1. Great results. So true. Many people rely solely on the scale to measure their progress, forgetting that muscle is four times heavier than fat. If you’re doing any kind of resistance training, you definitely also want to use a tape measure.

  2. Hi Miguel, congratulations on your weight loss! That’s something to be proud of.

    I am an advocate for the paleo diet and I must say that weight loss is just one of the many benefits it can bring. It can also make your brain and cells healthy. And above all, it reduces risk of disease.

    Keep it up man!

    Steve P

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