Paleo Mayo FAIL!

paleo mayo recipe

First time making homemade paleo mayo, FAIL! Honestly though, it was my fault for not following the easy recipe! Did I mention the recipe is simple? Like, really REALLY simple?! It’s from the book, Well Fed: Paleo Recipes for People Who Love to Eat (great book, BTW).

So this is how the story goes (and I’m sticking to it): as you can see in the picture, one of the ingredients is light-tasting olive oil (not extra-virgin). OK, no problem, let me look at the oils we have on-hand since the extra-virgin olive oil (EVOO) is a no-no in this recipe. Well, I found three bottles so we’re off to a good start. One of them has to be light-tasting olive oil! Well, as luck would have it they were all older vegetable oils from who knows when.

Fast forward through a man’s thought process (i.e. improvise). I made the mayo with a vegetable cooking oil. In retrospect, it was not a wise decision. The consistency was perfect though and this is what it looked like:

homemade paleo mayo

As I was looking down into the blender I couldn’t help but feel so proud of myself for making homemade mayo! I dipped the fork in, took a little taste and YUCK! Never EVER substitute vegetable cooking oil for extra-light olive oil! EVER!

Tami happened to walk into the kitchen and I really needed a 2nd opinion (yeah, I wanted her to taste the yuckiness too). Fast-forward 30 seconds and Tami’s saying, “why did you let me taste that?!” and, “I can’t get that taste out of my mouth!”

Lesson: know your oils and don’t substitute.

Happy (clean) eating! Don’t forget to comment, share and like! :)

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  1. Paleo can be tough for beginners, especially with the ingredients to use. Like using the vegetable cooking oil. You can get ready made recipes that you can try at home so that you don’t take away the joy of doing something. A home meal delivery service can help.

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