MAF Test 4 Month Results

MAF TEST 4 month line chart

My 4 month MAF test is done! If you just want the facts, here it is: I increased my pace by an average of 11.34% since the last test! I’ve collected all the biking and running metrics with my Garmin 910XT, crunched the numbers (thanks to my super-intelligent wife for the help), and this is … Read more

MAF Test 90 Day Results

MAF test 10-01-2015

I just finished charting and calculating my 3 month test results using the Maffetone Method.¬†Bottom line: I increased my pace by an average of 1.39% I’ve been faithfully recording every workout with my Garmin 910XT, collecting a lot of data. It’s really good to chart my progress and actually see what’s happening (although I know … Read more

MAF Test 60 Day Results

Heart Rate and Pace

My 60-day MAF test results are in and I’m pretty excited! For those of you that just want the quick facts, here you go: I increased my speed by an average of 3.68% There’s no question in my mind the Maffetone method works (and I have the data to prove it). There’s also no question … Read more

MAF Test 30 Day Results

running man miguel runner

It’s been a little over 30 days since I started Dr. Phil Maffetone’s Heart Rate training method. Here’s a link to last months’ post, along with links and a small spreadsheet. In case you don’t know how all this works, It’s really simple. Here’s what to do: First, follow the 180 Formula to get your … Read more

No Pain, No Gain

The old saying, “no pain, no gain” is really outdated. Think about it, if it were a fact, all we’d have to do is suffer on the track/bike/swim each workout for 2 months. The more we suffer, the more we gain, right? Wrong! It’s taken me a pretty long time in my running life to … Read more

MAF Test Running

running man miguel runner

I came across Dr. Phil Maffetone’s heart rate training¬†(link) a while back (like a couple of years ago). I remember glancing at it and that was it. It’s basically an aerobic base builder and you have to really slow down. He keeps saying how you have to “slow down to go faster.” Fast-forward to today: … Read more

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